About us

AB Initiatives Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company with aspirations in the fields of software technology, pan Asia hospitality, retail and travel. ABI aims to address the niche opportunities that exist in the market - all within a framework of social, environmental and cultural responsibilities. Incorporated in 2013, ABI remain as the parent company under which, subsidiary companies are set to operate in diverse industries with essentially the collective philosophy of social and environmental responsibilities.

Our Subsidiaries

Incorporated in Singapore , 2013   
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Incorporated in India , 2015    


Guide every aspect of our business to achieve responsible, sustainable, quality growth.


To develop and deliver innovative products and quality services for our customers and the world.

Our Businesses


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Ichiqoo is a venture that promotes socially responsible budget travel in and around the Asian region.A home-to-home trip planner and booking site, Ichiqoo helps you to experience the real Asia, its people. One can create trails or follow recommended ones, compare and book flights and choose from a wide variety of hotels and also from ichiqoo recommended properties, meet locals and share experiences. Know More

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Swapp is a next generation app and a productivity tool that makes information exchange in any form, easy.A platform of information exchange, Swapp is a disruptive tool for customer engagement. Essentially an ecosystem, with Swapp, users can exchange cards and files, send tasks with deadlines, set up meetings and reminders all in one place. The best part, it’s quick and easy! Know More

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Swapp+ is an easy-to-use productivity and analytical tool bridging the needs of enterprisers and customers. A trend setting analytical tool that addresses the offline customers, with Swapp+, enterprises can communicate effectively with their customers and those who matter, develop and manage database and use analytics to understand their customers better.  Know more

Our Team

Social Responsibility

ABI is deeply committed to matters that affect this planet and its people. We carry the burden of this collective responsibility to everything we do. From simple paperless procedures in our office management, right up to incorporating social inclusivity as the mainstay of our projects, we try to walk our talk. With ichiqoo, we have taken this ethos into another level by incorporating a market place for products produced by the socially marginalised people in the regions we operate in. Buyer to the seller, with no middle men, just like how it is supposed to be. A carbon footprint counter helps our travellers to convert their print into tangible contributions to local charities.